Registration instructions in EXLOADER

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0) After installation EXLOADER, You need to register.

( create one password for the archive.. the password is baunticheats )

1) In order to register in EXLOADER, You need to click on the icon of registration




2) After clicking this opens the registration window which looks like this




Now carefully fill all 4 points:

Login - write here Your username you wish to use to login

Pass - Your password, note that you cannot use for a set of NUM keyboard

Email - Here enter Your valid email address

Kye - The key that comes in the mail after payment cheat, just copy it from the payment (CTRL+C / CTRL+V) [The key is something like this: "4-10-18E28GH61K3P6C"]

Make a note of this data because you will need them in case of loss of password/login

3) After you enter all 4 items click on the registration button, if everything is correct then you will see this message

Click on the words and it will automatically log in to your account.


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