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Stranded Deep Cheat


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Stranded Deep Cheat


- God Mode
- Unlimited Health
- Unlimited Oxygen
- No Hunger
- No Thirst
- Perfect Body Temperature
- Max Hunting Skill
- Max Cooking Skill
- Max Harvesting Skill
- Max Physical Level
- Max Craftmanship Level
- Enable ESP
- Raft
- Shark & Whale ( Name, Health, Distance)
- Crab (Name, Health, Distance) PS: Health only works on the Giant Crab.
- Snake (Name, Health, Distance)
- Fish (Name, Distance)
- Boar (Name, Health, Distance)
- Hog (Name, Health, Distance)
- Bird (Name, Distance)
- Food (Name, Distance, Spoiled)
- Boss (Name, Distance)
- Rocks, Clay & Driftwood (Name, Distance)
- Wrecks & Shelter (Name, Distance)
- Ressources (Name, Distance)
- Storages (Name, Distance) - Attached Storages are not displayed!
- Disable Collision [Left Alt] (Hold Left Alt)
- Spawn Ingame Items

В инжекторе:

  • Game Process: Stranded_Deep.exe
  • Namespace: ReiHook
  • Class: ReiLoader
  • Init: ReiAyanami

Menu Key: F4

Вам нужно ввести dll с помощью инжектора (используйте этот).

Скачать чит

Не работает? Юзай поиск по сайту.



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