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Dead Frontier 2 - Cheat ReiHook


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- Transform (Move Player Forward, Up and Down)
- Enable ESP
- Player (Name, Health, Distance)
- NPC (Name, Health, Distance)
- Zombie (Name, Health, Distance)
- Loot Container (Name, Distance) Only Show Lootable Containers.
- Remove Rain
- One Hit Kill [Q] (Press Q to Set Enemy Health to 0.1f)
- Dump Loot Container Names to .txt File

Используйте инжектор, рекомендую WH0's Unity Injector

Настройки в инжекторе:

  • Game Process: DeadFrontier2.exe
  • Namespace: ReiHook
  • Class: ReiLoader
  • Init: ReiAyanami

Menu Key: F4

Последнее обновление: 13.04.23

Не работает? Юзай поиск по сайту.

Ещё одна тема с читом Dead Frontier 2


ReiHook for Dead Frontier 2 v1.4.dll


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